I just found out the man I'm about to marry is my brother and we have three ...

Started by LifeOfPi, Jun 18, 2024, 04:02 PM

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I just found out the man I'm about to marry is my brother and we have three kids together: 'He's the love of my life'

     A mum-of-three has found out she's related to her long-term partner
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By Belinda Cleary For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 03:22, 17 June 2024 | Updated: 08:35, 17 June 2024

A young mother-of-three has been left feeling unwell after finding out the 'love of her life' and father of her kids is also her brother.  Posting to a women's advice group, the Melbourne-based mum said she was adopted at birth but never knew the people who raised her weren't her biological parents.  'I never thought my parents weren't my parents. No one said anything until a few weeks ago when my mum was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer,' the woman revealed.

She 'started digging' and found her birth mother and 'a couple of siblings' including her fiancĂ© who has a different father.  The mum said she and her brother separated immediately and called their wedding off - but don't know how to explain what they've uncovered to their children.  'I just feel sick. They are siblings and cousins. His mum is my birth mother,' she said. 'My world has imploded I'm not okay.'

She added that they 'obviously can't be together' but love each other 'so much'.  The post divided opinion with some claiming it 'must be fake' and others prompting her to 'run'.  'I would feel so sick,' one woman said.

'I can't believe no one ever told you, this is on them,' said another.

'Haven't you met his mum? Surely she would have recognised you,' said a third.

While others questioned 'how small' her town is.  But some people didn't see the problem with the relationship.  'I would see a psychologist and get some counselling but you don't have to call it off. You didn't know you were siblings,' said one woman.

'It isn't the first time something like this has happened I would say keep it to yourselves and be happy together,' said another.

'I don't see why you can't be together,' echoed a third.

Some asked about their children to which she revealed they are all 'developmentally normal'.  'I wouldn't say anything to the kids, it isn't their fault,' one woman advised.

Others said they should wait to tell them until their older - but get testing done to make sure they are as healthy as they seem.  According to Helesnorge the national health service of Norway where inbreeding has been a problem there are key issues with having children with blood relatives.  If you have children with a relative the risk of malformations or medical conditions is 'twice as high' because both parents are likely to have the defective gene.  Close blood relationships also increase the risk of stillbirth and infant death. Children with related parents are also more likely to have a reduced life expectancy.  Conditions inherited due to blood relationship are often serious. Examples include metabolic disorders, skin diseases and blood disorders, physical and mental developmental problems, and damage to hearing and/or vision.