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My Story

Started by Pipsqueak, Jun 22, 2022, 09:32 PM

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I was 19 when I was pregnant which I knew after splitting with his father.  My mum was furious when she found out and even more annoyed that I kept quiet long enough not to be forced to have an abortion.

My mum arranged everything with the adoption agency and the first time I saw a social worker was the day my son was born.  I told her I wanted to raise my son but it was my parents who wanted him adopted.  She said she would stop the adoption but that was the first major lie I was told.

My life became a living hell with the amount of lies I was told and after 6 weeks I was told I couldn't stop the adoption.  My life ended that day and I emotionally broke down.

After 23 years we reunited for me to then find out he had found my family 5 years previouly.  I had fallen out with my family before he found them but I had had contact with my parents for three years by this time.  Eventually I was told by my sister that they had told him they couldn't tell him where I was and needed my permission first. 

My sister and I eventually made up when our mum had died. She didn't seem very happy when I told her our parents hadn't said a word to me for three years then when I let them know I had found my son our mum had made excuses for not saying anything.  I also told her that 2 years into reunion my mum had said to me she couldn't understand why my son wanted to know me as I was nothing to him and his only family was his adoptive family.  She looked upset by that and said it was cruel to say that.

My son and I haven't spoken for a number of years and I do believe telling him a few home truths didn't help.